Things I Overheard in GameStop Today

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Know-it-all Guy: "I heard they've got this game coming out, I forget what it's called, but they created a new perspective to view the game from. It's, like, got the best of a third person and the first person view. It's like a second-person perspective." (I believe a second-person perspective game would be a game seen from the perspective of the person you're shooting at)

The Same Know-it-all Guy: "You see, the Japanese get motion sick really easily."
Skeptical Counter Clerk: "Um... Really?"
Know-it-all: "Yeah, that's why they have to put all the motion-sick warnings in the video game manuals. Because of that Pokemon epilepsy thing a few years ago."
Counter Clerk Who Has By Now Been Listening To This Guy For 20 Minutes And Is Getting Impatient: "So, what're you interested in buying today?"
Know-it-all: "Oh, I don't have any money to buy anything. Just here to browse and chat."

Another fellow, upon seeing a poster advertising the soon-to-be-released (and, admittedly, very oddly titled) Magna Carta: Tears of Blood Role Playing Game: "Hey, man, look at this. They're making an encyclopedia video game!"

Fun pretention hint: If in conversation the Magna Carta should ever come up, be sure to refer to it as the "MAG-na CHART-ah." It'll let everyone know that you think you're smarter than them!

1 Comment

I had a dream once that was very much like a shoot-em-up game in the second person. It was really pretty horrible.

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