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To the pushy fellow in the law school library computer lab around Noon today:

"Excuse me" is a request, not a command.  If someone, for instance, myself, is standing by the printer holding a set of printouts, leafing through them in search of his print job, it is never polite to walk up to him and grab the pages out of his hands to look for your print job.  Saying "excuse me" as you do this does absolutely no work towards making your actions acceptable.  The act of saying "excuse me" is not a universal absolution.  While you seem to have mastered the outward forms of human interaction, I'm sorry to say you still need some work to master its intricacies.  Keep at it, and perhaps some day you'll be fit for human society.


Molten Boron.


It's really sunshine and daisies in the blogosphere today, isn't it?

Bah. The only good thing about today is that it's almost over. Too bad it's just going to get replaced by tomorrow.

Ok, if someone had done that to me, I would have drop kicked him in the nuts! And then I would have said "excuse me" becuase it would have been ironical and humorous.

How exactly do you dropkick someone's nuts? I mean, you have to drop them first, but are we talking about nuts still attached to their owner at this point? Then you'd have to drop the entire person and aim your kick really carefully to hit the nuts, as they'd be a moving, possibly occluded, target at that point.

Not to mention the physical limitations involved. How, exactly, would you pick this guy up to drop kick him? To give you an idea, this fellow was notably larger than me. He also seemed to be foreign, possibly Italian, so maybe printout-snatching is a European thing.

Raising the subject high enough to effectively drop him would be a challenge, definitely. You might, dare I say it, need a crane. people think too much, it's not the actual drop kick that is the point of my comment, it's the implied level of pain I would be inflicting. Geez...

Awww, but it's fun to be pedantic...

Actually, a drop kick is when the kicker jumps in the air and does some sort of sideways falling motion (think prone position) into the person.

Therefore, Brittany would be jumping, positioning her body in a prone position and landing her feet into the offender's nuts.

But don't trust me...I've been drinking and watching the Steelers.

Hum. Now that you mention it, I have two different, and wildly divergent, ideas about what a drop kick is. I tend to think of a drop kick as somewhat akin to a punt, where you drop the item and then kick it. On the other hand, your definition squares with the Drop Kick the Faint Game. Considering I have no evidence for my punting view, and your testimony and that of the Faint game for the other view, you're probably right.

Are we maybe talking about the wrestling usage of the term "drop kick" versus a previous general usage? I've always used it in the punting sense, based on my elementary school playground experience and absolutely no knowledge of wrestling moves.

Heheheh. "The goal is to drop kick 5 members of The Faint as far as possible off the stage." You know, I rather like The Faint. They're on my Weird Fucking Singing Voices top ten list.

Aha! According to, the punting definition comes from football (football? I know a sports thing?) while the sideways jumping definition comes from wrestling.

It's entirely possible that Brette would have an easier time going by the wrestling definition, for reasons mentioned above, but I still think that punting is a much better mental image.

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