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Apropos the last post, I'm struck by a desire to change this blog's name to Res Ipsa Poquitur. This has the disadvantage of being painfully similar to the Berkeley Republican group-blog, but the advantage of being pidgin Latin, and incorporating the syllable "Poke." I've been thinking of changing the name for a while, since I realized that the Anatole France quote from which I got the current title is far more popular than I realized when I selected it, and as such a direct search for it leaves this page buried under 5000 (estimated) quote pages.

Speaking of page titles and the Law, another landmark decision in American jurisprudence, Baxter v. Ford Motor Co. 168 Wash. 456, 12 P.2d 409, occurred as a result of an incident that took place in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. That made me sit up and take notice when I read it. For the record, Baxter v. Ford established far stricter standards of care for manufacturers in products liability case. The incident at bar occurred when Mr. Baxter, in a Ford car advertised as having a windshield made of shatter-proof glass, was driving through Snoqualmie Pass. A pebble struck the glass and the darn stuff shattered, spraying glass dust into his eyes. Mr. Baxter had to have the right eye amputated and his vision in his left eye was severely impaired.


Ominous! Watch out when you're looking at my page. You might get glass in your eye.

I used to make jewelry out of broken car-window glass, actually. I totalled a Toyota in high school and wound up with a lot of loosely-held-together slivers of glass that made excitingly dangerous-looking pendants. As far as I can recall they didn't get in anyone's eyes.

For the record, I like your page title as is. Mine's buried under 500 similar results as well. I've found it isn't entirely the end of the world.

Wait, wait. Res Ipsa Poquitur? It just hit me that that isn't the same as res ipsa loquitur.

The facts poke for themselves?

Indeed they do!

It's partly an in-jokish thing with my sister, Kelsey. Poking represents about two-thirds of our interactions with one another. But I feel the title has broad applicability. Who doesn't enjoy a good poke now and then? Even the word is fun! Poke!

That is a great name! Also, this reminds me of something that happened to me today. Do you have to explain our poking thing often? I have to do it all the time, cause I'm always sayin' something about poking and people are confused. Like today I think I broke my lab partner's brain when I said that if I ever discovered an element, I would call it Pokium. He went on for the whole damn period with questions, trying to understand.

I don't encounter it much, but then I don't tend to discuss poking all that often.

Somewhat related: Have you noticed that Simpsons has started on a poking thing lately? There was that restraining order episode last season with the poking stick, and I vaguely recall some throw away poking-based jokes lately.

Well, I remember the poking stick, but I haven't really been watching Simpsons. Every once in a while I'll turn on an episode (like tonight's, the one with Bart's boyband and the subliminal Navy messages), but I don't tune in on Sundays for the new episodes.

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