A few random things to post on. None of them long enough to warrant a post, but (I think) vaguely interesting.

Fiery Hot Flautists
I just discovered today that a flautist lives across the hall from me. She was practicing what sounded like Bolero. I wish she would practice more often. Not, you know, because she's bad. She's fine. I just wish I could hear her more often. I like Bolero.

Cotton-Eyed Joe
I've moved from Old Time Religion to Cotton-Eyed Joe in my banjo training. I've never actually heard Cotton-Eyed Joe before, which makes learning it tricky. On top of that, it requires a new roll that I'm still getting down. But I imagine I'll get used to the roll, and I can probably find the song on-line, since my guess is that most old banjo tunes are public domain. That's not the point. The point is Cotton-Eyed Joe's lyrics: "I'da been married long ago, if it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe. Where did you come from? Where did you go? Where did you come from, Cotton-Eyed Joe?" Unless Cotton-Eyed Joe is just some random scapegoat that the singer blames for all his problems, the suggestion is that Cotton-Eyed Joe stole the singer's intended from him. Now, I've never met a man with cotton eyes before, but I would guess that if you're losing suitors to cotton-eyed rivals, you've probably got bigger problems than can be dealt with by blaming those rivals.

Cole Porter
In the case of Arnstein v. Porter, Mr. Arnstein sued Cole Porter, arguing that Cole Porter had infringed his copyright and stollen his songs. He alledged that Porter had hired "stooges," to follow him, harrass him, steal his music and "live in the same apartment" with him. Huh. There was a motion to dismiss, and it was denied on appeal. I don't know how it turned out, but probably not too well for Mr. Arnstein.

Torts and its Discontents
I essentially spent the whole of Torts today playing Civilization. I took some notes, but mostly we went off on a very long Constitutional Law tangent. I took relevant notes, but there wasn't too much relevant. So, Torts session effectively missed, but on the other hand my catapults stand amassed at the gates of Berlin and I'm a stone's throw from conquest of the German empire.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


My first assumption about Cotton-Eyed Joe was that he stole the heart of the singer, not of the singer's intended.

My first assumption about the first part of this entry was that you only posted it so that you could use the word "flautists". Likewise with the example that you used for inconsistent pleadings, and the word "leant".

Ooh, I learned (learnt?) something today. I was going to say that I suspected the past participle should have been lent, but upon looking it up I discovered that it can also be leant. There does still remain the small problem that you are not, as the definition says, "chiefly British".

If you look for Cotton Eyed Joe on the internet (mp3 wise) you will most likely find a techno'd-up version of the song, with a heavy beat and annoying voices as recorded by the group "Rednex".

I only know this from many nights at fraternity parties and sports events. It is very much a "Jock Jams" kind of tune now.

Dianna: I plead no contest on the first count, not guilty on the second. The leant teakettle is actually in our Civil Procedure textbook, in a manner of speaking. The example they use is actually of a leant lawnmower. Our profesor embarked upon a ten minute rant because of this. Apparently, in previous editions they used the "far superior" example of the leant teakettle, but in the latest edition have stupidly replaced it with the "lame" example of a lawnmower. The professor then elaborate the "right and true" teakettle example, and it was exactly the same as the lawnmower, but with the word "teakettle" substituted for "lawnmower."

I used the teakettle in my explanation because I find teakettles more relatable than lawnmowers. I own a teakettle, I enjoy tea. I do not own a lawnmower, and having a lawn is a strange and foreign concept to me.

I used to have an english friend whom I talked to all the time on ICQ just as I was learning to type; from him I acquired the habit of using British spellings. I have since largely disbused myself of this habit, though there are a few cases where I still accidentally use Britishisms. Leant is one of them. The one that comes up a lot is labour.

Ted: I'm half-scared to look for that re-mix of Cotton-Eyed Joe. The melding of bluegrass and techno is a concept to frightening to contemplate. Nonetheless, my curiosity has been piqued.

I think I have it on my computer at home, leftover from my days in college. If you're really interested, I could get it to you.

XD That song is awesome! Well, the techno version is anyway.

OMG! i love cotten- eyed joe! the line dance to it is SO much fun! you simply must listen to it. once you do that, i can teach you the dance! XD

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