Video Game Dream

Originally posted 8/17/2004:

Had an odd dream last night. You see, my roommate's been playing a lot of Freedom Fighters lately. Further, I periodically experience twinges of guilt at not playing through Morrowind, which I have plenty of fun with, but can never seem to really get into. Last night, these two factors combined in my subconscious mind to form a dream of a hybrid of the two games. Essentially, it was Morrowind with Freedom Fighter's charisma and squad commanding system. It seemed fairly interesting, though I'm hardly the most unbiased of judges.

The oddest part came right when I woke up. I was playing through some tutorial, and the game was explaining various status effect icons. One of them was a picture of a hip flask, and the game informed me that this indicated a taste for Kentucky bourbon, a taste which can only be satisfied by traveling to Kentucky and buying a bottle. Apparently the game is set in some post-apocalyptic future that has regressed to the Middle Ages, but still has the State/Nation/Duchy of Kentucky.

Curiouser and curioser: The next icon showed a goblin-like man chowing down on a drumstick. The game explained that this icon represented a craving for human flesh. Fortunately, it continued, this need can also be satisfied in Kentucky.

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