Originally posted 1/29/2005:

Yay! I've cleaned and organized my closet! I've been meaning to do it for a while, and the roommate's moving out provided a perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately, the light in our closet burned out early last week, which was a big problem. My apartment has high ceilings, which is great for bunkbeds, but means I have to stand on a chair with my arms straight up over my head to detach the light fixture. This process involves removing a series of three screws blind, leading me to stand on a chair and comically pirohette as I try to get my fingers around the next screw.

And of course, all of this is impossible if I can't actually get a chair into the closet in the first place because the floor is covered with a thick layer of kipple. Hence a chicken-and-egg problem: I couldn't clean the closet without light, and I couldn't change the lightbulb until the closet was clean.

A note to myself: the back of your closet under a mass of tangled wires is a poor place to store your emergency flashlight. I can't even begin to figure out how I'd have found it if there were a genuine power outage.

I have way too many wires, and junk in general. Cleaning out the closet I found a broken joystick, the box for the joystick that replaced it, a network card, an old video card, 5 seperate phone cords (stupid because I have one phone that lives right next to the jack) and a slew of AC adapters that I have no idea what they were intended to power.

I hate throwing things out, though. I have a strong packrat instinct. I've still got my notebooks from Freshman year of college, as well as all the three-prong to two-prong converters I bought for my first apartment. And receipts. My God, the receipts! I have saved every receipt since I came to college. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Going all the way back to my first Hot Link from Top Dog four years ago. Yes, I save receipts from 50 cent incidental purchases. But I won't throw anything out. Why? Because it might be useful someday! (That, incidentally, should be imagined as being in giant neon rainbow script written 20 miles high)

Other'n that, not much new. Things are falling into place nicely, except for my search for a second job. I snagged a copy of World of Warcraft, which is quite fun. And I'm generally hanging out and enjoying life. Thanks for asking.

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