Sorry about the lack of posting lately; I wrapped up my job at the end of last week, went straight from that to a pair of friends's wedding in Ithaca over the weekend, and have been entertaining my sister, who's visiting from out of town, since Tuesday.

While on the Air Train on the way to pick up my sister at Newark International Airport I saw a fellow with an ID badge hanging from his pants pocket. This is not abnormal in and of itself, as most buildings in New York require employees to wear ID badges for security purposes. What was interesting was the fellow's name: Dave Hume. I was half tempted to, at the next train stop, grab his luggage, run away with it, and shout over my shoulder at him, "The circumstances of justice do not obtain, loser!" Of course, since I'm neither violent nor larcenous, and certainly wouldn't become so simply for the purpose of making a joke about a philosopher, I didn't. Also, in the grander scheme of things, the circumstances of justice DID obtain. So I sat quietly humming to myself and waited for my stop.

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