Your Dog Will Love Our Beautiful Pet-Free Apartment!

The headline for a condo listing currently on Craig's List:

"$349000 Purrfect PIED a TERRE!-Reno'd STUDIO!"

"Oh!" I thought to myself, "A place that'll let me have a cat! Intriguing!"

The first line of the listing:

"Sorry to say: Pets can’t live in this Pristine, Pre-War, elevator building, two blocks from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade."

Wait, what? This strikes me as real estate listing malpractice; you can't use an onomatopoeiac animal noise to advertise a condo with a no-pets policy.

Some other headlines the lister might try in the future:

"Whatcha got cookin' in our beautiful 500 sq. ft studio apartment?"
"You'll love our gorgeous studio apartment in an up-and-coming neighborhood with one bathroom, no kitchen."

"The convenience of downtown Manhattan in the comfort of Queens!"
"This lovely house is only a quick 45 minute walk and 3 hour train ride from midtown Manhattan!"

"Finally! An Upper-East Side apartment you can afford!"
"Rent starts at $24,000/month."

This strikes me as a really poor marketing strategy. Signalling Pet Friendly in your headline attracts people who want an apartment that allows pets and repulses people who want a pet-free environment. The people who want to live in a no-pets condo won't read your listing, and the people who want pets will read your listing, get annoyed, and write disgruntled blog posts.

This is silly. It's like naming a street Park Avenue that never touches any parks. OH WAIT.

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