Comments That Do Not Make You Popular

From the Justice Summer Intern Happy Hour yesterday:

Male Intern: ...You're assuming that when my roommate's girlfriend gets mad at my roommate, she's acting on logic. That's a bad assumption to make about girls.

Female Paralegal: Oh, you did not just go there! If you're going to complain about girls, it gives me the right to complain about guys. I can complain for hours about the stupid things guys do. Like, how come, when two guys have a problem with one another, they can sit right next to each other and never talk about it?

Male Intern: Well, far be it from me to explain how guys think. How about you, Molten Boron?

Me: Actually, I'm really not a fan of gender essentialism.

Male Intern: . . .

Female Paralegal: . . .

Me: . . . I think I'll go get another beer now.

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