An E-Mail to Amazon

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently ordered Season Three of The Wire and requested Standard Shipping. My package was shipped yesterday via A1 Courier and, according to your tracking information, was delivered at 5:40 PM the same day.

I am not sure to whom my package was delivered, but I can say with certainty that it was not me.

At 5:40 PM yesterday I was still at work. My roommate moved out a month ago and noone has moved in to replace him, so nobody within my apartment could have received it for me. My building has no doorman, so it could not have been left with one. There was no package left in front of the building, within the vestibule, in the vicinity of the building's mailboxes, in front of my apartment's door, nor, to my knowledge, anywhere within the public spaces of the building. There was no note left on the door to my apartment or my building. I have received no telephone calls from the courier regarding my package.

Your courier, apparently, believes his job to have been successfully completed. Considering that neither I nor anyone acting on my behalf is in possession of the package I ordered, I must respectfully beg to differ.


Molten Boron.

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