No Amish. Too exhausted, plus I need to go back and actually read the case to refresh my memory.

Instead, I am officially declaring that today was the first day of summer, based on my subjective impression that it was the first day that felt lie summer. It was overcast and a bit muggy in the morning, but skies were clear and sunny the rest of the day. Slightly hot, but not so hot as to get uncomfortable (that won't come until later in the summer). The trees on the medians and in the park have shed their blossoms and are now a verdant green. I spent a couple of hours today just walking around, and another couple of hours just sitting on one of the par benches the city puts on the medians at every intersection on Broadway north of Columbus Circle. You don't really realize what a lovely place Manhattan can be until you sit and stare at it for awhile on a bright sunny day.

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