Loose Lips Sink Ships

I am manifestly not allowed to talk about what happens at work. If this wasn't made obvious to me by the three sternly-worded non-disclosure agreements I was given to sign when I first walked in the door on Tuesday, it was rendered in crystal when I got a tour of the office from Justice's law librarian.

In the back of the library is a small break room. It has a table, a few chairs, a microwave, refrigerator, coffee machine, water cooler, a closet, and a bulletin board adorned with press releases. It's fairly spartan but for a single poster which, by dint of its loneliness, drew my eye when I entered. It's a picture of a cup of coffee with a group of four smiling, people of a variety of races juxtaposed below it, clearly having a good time chatting while enjoying their caffeine-intake. Reflected in the coffee is a War Room-style map of the the world. The banner headline on the poster reads "A lot of information can spill over one of these." At the bottom it contines, "Make sure your conversations are secure to the last drop."

"Heh. That's cute." I said, indicating the poster.

The librarian gave me a stern look. "We take operational security very seriously around here."

"... As do I, of course. I just... think it's a nice poster."

I would go into more detail about the extraordinary measures we have to take to maintain operational security, but I'm not certain operational security permits me to discuss those measures. In fact, I'm not even sure I'm allowed to discuss the coffee poster.

I think they need to get a new poster about the hazards to operational security presented by blogging.

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