God Damn Your Modern Conveniences! Damn Them to Hell!

I bank with USAA. It is a small bank, but there are those who love it. I generally consider myself to be among them. It has its inconveniences; the fact that it's based in Texas and has no branch offices means that all checks I receive have to be mailed, so no quick check cashing. It has no ATMs, so I theoretically have to pay fees whenever I withdraw money. But USAA membership has its perks. One of them is that, because it has no ATMs, USAA reimburses me for the ATM fees I pay at the end of every month. There's an upward limit on how much they'll reimburse so I do occasionally pay fees, but otherwise it makes getting money very convenient. Plus, USAA is only open to members of the armed services and their families. Thanks to their public service ethos they're notably less likely to screw their members over for an extra nickel of interest than are most banks. I'm generally very pleased with them.

I just wish they would let me into my bank account.

When I signed up with USAA, I received a USAA Member Number. It's an 8-digit number, nothing too onerous to remember. I've been using the same number for the last 7 years. I don't have to look it up; it's long been ingrained in my memory. At the start of this year, USAA's online services decided to implement a new Online ID system. Rather than forcing members to recall 8 semi-random digits, members could now establish easy-to-remember usernames. Now you can log-in with that instead of your member number.

Did I say "can"? It would actually be more accurate to say "must."

Needless to say, I have now forgotten my easy-to-remember and convenient online username. But I'll remember my account number to my grave.

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