I feel it worth drawing attention to this post at Feministe, occasioned by this article in the Washington Post, detailing Jill's experience with the beings that post at AutoAdmit. I used to read AutoAdmit pretty regularly, though I never posted, during the law school admissions process.

As I've gone through the law school experience I've learned that the ostensible merits of the site are dubious at best. Their protestations aside, a significant majority of the posts are puerile, racist, and sexist. Supposedly, though, amidst all the garbage there are shinning pearls of wisdom about law school. This is nonsense. There's no knowledge to be gained at AutoAdmit that can't be learned better through experience, and every useful piece of advice is counter-balanced by three pieces of advice that will lead you astray and undermine your confidence in your ability as a law student and future lawyer. AutoAdmit is truly cancerous and the world would be a better place without it. Reading it makes you a worse human being.

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