A recent conversation I had with my sister, Kelsey:

Me: So I'm taking an on-line matchmaking personality test thingee. In one part of the test, they give a number of character traits and ask whether you find them attractive, unattractive, or acceptable.
Kelsey: Alright.
Me: One of the traits they ask about is Punctuality. "OMG PUNCTUALITY IS TEH SEXAY! IT MAKES ME SO HOT!!!"
Kelsey: Heheh. Though actually, punctuality is important for me.
Me: Me too. I'm going to put attractive.
Kelsey: I would, too.
Me: "Kiss me, you punctual boy!"
Kelsey: Yay, punctuality!
Me: Woo!
*High fives!*
Me: Alright, "Is always on the go."
Kelsey: Attractive.
Me: Really? You seem like such a slothful person. I would think you'd want a similarly low-energy mate.
Kelsey: Nah, I'd need him to go and do stuff for me. You know, pick stuff up, get me food, that sort of thing.

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