My Fall class schedule, which just came down the pipe yesterday:

Criminal Investigations
Anthropology and the Law
Professional Responsibility

It's a heavy load (15 points), and I may drop something (probably Professional Responsibility). If I do so, I'll probably add a lighter class, like a one- or two-point seminar, to replace it, if I can find one that I can get into.

In the meantime, though, I'm generally quite happy. I really wanted Criminal Investigations, as I'm interested in Criminal Procedure and our Criminal Investigations professor was just appointed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, so this may be my last chance to take a class with her. Evidence and Corporations tend to be hard to get into, and are both major prerequisite courses. Anthro should be fun and different from other law classes I've taken. And Professional Responsibility... well, I don't know about Professional Responsibility. It's a requirement to graduate, but Columbia offers a one-week intensive Professional Responsibility class at the end of summer that I might take next year. Other than that, they offer some interesting specialized semester-long PR courses (lie Reponsibility in Tax Law or Responsibility in Non-Profit Practice). So, if I find out I'm really interested in some specialized field, it might be worthwhile to take one of the niche PR courses. Otherwise, I can free up credits to take classes I'm more interested in by taking the intensive course next year.

Now if only I could find a seminar that's both unpopular and that I'd be interested in taking...

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