On the Holding of Horses

Just a quick note: There are posts I've been meaning to write, comments I've been meaning to leave, and e-mails I've been meaning to respond to, but they'll probably have to wait until Friday night. I'm on call this week in Criminal Law, meaning that I'm on a very small list of people whom the professor will be calling on this week to interrogate about the readings each night. It is, thus, more important than usual that I 1. do the reading and 2. understand the reading at a sufficiently deep level to discuss it lucidly at 8 o'clock in the morning.

It does not help that our professor, after moving through the readings at a languorous pace throughout the rest of the semester, has decided to start catching up this week, the penultimate week of lectures. Thus, we are covering three subjects per class this week, so that means three night's worth of reading to assimilate each night. I am not, needless to say, a *happy camper*. It is *frumple*. We are *dancing*!

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