I have a few post ideas bubbling, but nothing screams that it needs to be done right now. Things have gotten better as of this week; no more moot court brief to worry about, no Courtroom Advocates Project for a few weeks, no job hunt, no struggles with psychologists. Now I've got one week until spring break and nothing truly pressing to do this weekend.

I spent yesterday learning Latin and going to the bookstore to buy books on Roman history to stimulate my interest in Latin. One odd thing I noticed in Barnes and Noble: There are about 50 books in print right now on Alexander the Great. This seems odd to me; is it the detritus of that one movie on Alexander from a few years ago? Considering the unpopularity of the film, the rush to put out books to capitalize on it seems ill-advised. I suppose he's a popular enough subject that there's been a steady trickle of biographies and analyses throughout the years, and publishers used the occasion of the movie to pull them out of the back catalogue and put them into print again.

Still, though, I'm excited about Latin. I never thought I'd buy a foreign language workbook, of the kind dreaded in High School language classes, of my own free will, nor that I would willingly do the exercises and actually enjoy them. Still, we'll see how long this lasts. The next lesson appears to be on the first declension, so who knows if I'll still like it once I've started declining nouns and adjectives.

I also have time to pick up the banjo again now! I've gotten kinda back up to where I was before I took my four month hiatus, skill-wise. I'm still not very good, but at least I haven't slid backwards too far.

Hopefully somthing interesting soon.

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