There's a Blizzard Warning in effect from 7 PM tonight until 4 AM tomorrow. The temperature's 36 right now, expected to drop to 24 overnight. Heavy snow is predicted, along with 25-50 mile per hour winds. Snow is expected to continue through the day tomorrow, with accumulation of around 12 inches (more in some areas) when it's finished. The National Weather Service is recommending that everyone check the supplies in their Snowstorm Survival Kit, to do what's necessary to pack in during the day today, and to stay indoors until the storm blows over.

Also, last night for the first time I felt really, deeply homesick for Berkeley. I miss long walks in sunny, temperate weather and the peculiarly ecclective flora of the East Bay (eucalyptus trees and palm fronds). I find it a lot harder to take a relaxed stroll in New York, because there are always so many people out on the street rushing around. You can't just walk for walking's sake; you need a purpose and a direction. And it doesn't help that the weather's been cold enough lately that you either need to bundle up in three layers of insulative clothing or make only quick 5 minute trips outside before darting back into heated buildings to raise your core temperature.

I can't help but wonder if these two events are related.

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