Good News/Bad News

A: I bought a new suit on Monday.

B: That's good!

A: I went $200 over-budget on it.

B: That's bad!

A: I also bought a new t-shirt and underpants at American Apparel on Monday.

B: That's good!

A: And froze my ass off getting them after wandering back and forth on Houston for an hour.

B: That's bad!

A: I got in to see a public interest advisor about my resume on Wednesday.

B: That's good!

A: He said the resume can be polished, but the lack of diversity of experience means that it's unlikely it'll get me any interviews.

B: That's bad!

A: I had a practice interview for criminal prosecution-type jobs on Wednesday.

B: That's good!

A: The interviewer told me I sounded like a vigilante who would burn himself out in a couple of years.

B: That's bad!

A: Thanks to a last-minute cancellation, I got an interview with the Manhattan District Attorney's office on Monday for a position with their Summer Internship program.

B: That's good!

A: They'll be working off my terrible, unpolished resume. They want transcripts, which will be incomplete, they want a list of references, whom I haven't notified and can't get in touch with, and they'll want me to show up in a suit, which is still at the department store being tailored. I called today and maybe, if I'm very lucky, I can call tomorrow and convince the head tailor to grossly overcharge me for a rush job, which I will have to either A. pick up tomorrow in the hour gap I have between my last class and the start of Courtroom Advocacy Project training or B. pick up Monday sometime after I see my psychiatrist at 10:00 but before my interview at 12:30. And I'm not sure I could do it either way if the subways break down the way they did today.

B: ... Are you done?

A: Yeah.

B: Stop bitching. You have a shot at your dream internship (That ACTUALLY PAYS. Do you know how rare that is for government/Public Interest 1L summer jobs?) and you're complaining about an incomplete transcript and picking up a suit? Starving children in China would love to be able to eat the suit you're bitching about, or words to that effect. In short: Stop complaining and start feeling guilty about having complained.

A: ... I'm Sorry.

B: That's good! Got anything else?

A: Um.... I finally saw Eraserhead...

B: That's bad!

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