So, Contracts final tomorrow. In just 14 1/2 hours I'll be done with my first semester of law school...


The answer, sadly, is no. I just got an e-mail from my Legal Writing TA. Everyone in our section is being required to re-write their memo. Further, the re-writes will be due January 4, towards the end of winter break. So now our semester doesn't really officially end until 5 days before next semester. Further, since we've gotten our commented-upon memos just before the last final, there's no way to re-write them while still at school. So we'll all be doing re-writes over the break. Happy Holidays!

A further point: Our TA chose to send these out the night before (what some consider to be) our hardest final. Nothing like reading an excoriating appraisal of your legal writing and reasoning ability just before bedtime the night before a nasty final.

And finally: They just posted our schedules for next semester. I'll have two Friday classes and three 8 AM classes per week. And as an added bonus, I know few people in my section and like fewer. It's not yet winter break and I already can't wait until Summer...

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