Sorry for the slowdown in posts lately. As I may have mentioned, finals loom. My biggest final is also my first, this Friday, so I'm pretty focused on that. The weekend should be fairly light. I have a take-home final on Monday that should require almost no studying before-hand (It's a 72 hour take-home with a strict word limit). Then I have one last final, Contracts, a week after. I think I have a pretty good handle on Contracts, so that week should be less study-intensive than this week, the pre-Civ Pro week.

Also, the American Bar Association, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that, in order to give first year law students some time to get their bearings in law school and find their feet, that there should be a mandatory moritorium on contact, in either direction, between students and employers regarding summer employment. In many ways this makes sense; I've appreciated not having to think about jobs, job searching, resumes, etc. these last few months. What doesn't make sense is the temporal extent of the moratorium: The official day when students and employers may begin contacting one another about jobs is December 1, conveniently just as finals are beginning. Naturally, this means most fellowships, scholarships, etc. have their deadlines for application in the first week of December, and most employers expect students to send in their resumes and cover letters as soon after December 1 as possible. I would argue that having the moratorium end right at the start of Finals Season pretty much entirely defeats the point of the moratorium.

So anyhow, I've been studying and applying to things. I'll still try and post a bit, but things'll be light until at least Friday night.

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