Projects for the next week:
1. Do Torts take-home final tonight so I have time for the other stuff.
3. Read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
4. Write about half a dozen blog posts that are currently bouncing around in my head before the built up pressure of them causes my BRAIN TO EXPLODE!
5. Orange Pie!
6. Watch that one movie I got from GreenCine. Eeesh. It's a Russian Science Fiction movie, courtesy of a randomized version of GreenCine's Sci-Fi primer. It's called "The Stalker," and is by Andrei Tartovsky, of Solaris fame. It was apparently done partially as a reply to Kubrick's 2001. I imagine there was an element of Cold War one-upsmanship here. "You call that ponderous and boring? HA! Nobody out-ponders or out-bores a Russian filmmaker!"

I should also maybe study for Contracts or something. And start shooting out resumes in the hopes of finding a job for the Summer. I have recurrent nightmares and feelings of inadequacy regarding job searches, because despite dozens of resumes and cover letters sent out in my life, the only job I've ever gotten from them was with an employer that, though I dearly loved my time with them, essentially hires anyone with a pulse (Stax pride!). If anyone out there knows an attorney who could use a gopher with years of detail-oriented organizing experience to file shit, send their name my way. I'm not picky; the shit could be literal or metaphorical.

Also: I've gotten the prompt for my take-home Torts final, and it's really interesting and complex. This should actually be a fun exam to write. But: While I'd love to turn it into a blog post, I'll have to wait until after Thursday for it. To get the prompt I had to sign all sorts of honor code statements saying that I would not discuss anything regarding the contents of the exam with anyone other than classmates. Interestingly, the professor allows us to discuss the take home exam with other students, but not with people outside the class. I assume this is to prevent you talking to your uncle the federal judge or your cousin the personal injury lawyer, so posting about it on a blog is unlikely to violate the spirit of the rule. Nonetheless, I'd still prefer to avoid any such entanglements.

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