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One other aspect of Personal Jurisdiction: There's also a thing called in rem jurisdiction, which is jurisdiction over property rather than the person. That is, I can sue you in a state where you have property, but no other relevant personal jurisdiction (no minimum contacts, no general jurisdiction) on the basis of that property's presence in the state. So in the hypothetical below, if Dianna were to stay at a motel while driving through Oregon and accidentally left a pair of pants in the motel room when she left, Molten Boron could sue her in Oregon for her negligence in Seattle, using the derelict pants to establish in rem jurisdiction.

The catch is that Molten Boron can only enforce a judgment in Oregon up to the value of the property used to establish jurisdiction. So Molten Boron would be limited in his suit against Dianna to the forgotten pants. So while he may not get full compensation for his injuries, he can still sue the pants off her. Har har har.

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