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I went down to 34th Street today to get a New York Non-Driver's ID from the DMV there. No luck. They wouldn't accept my notorized copy of my Social Security Card; only the real deal will do. This sucks because, as tomorrow's my 23rd birthday, my dependant Military ID, the only picture ID I have with my date of birth, expires at midnight. This also technically means that today is my last day to get onto military bases with said ID, but since I don't know of any near here it's an empty privilege lost. So now I'm going to have to wake up early and haul myself down there again next week once I get my legitimate Social Security Card, plus I'll probably have to scrounge together a couple of random other pieces of ID in case they won't accept my expired Military ID as proof of identity anymore (which they won't). Good thing I anal retentively saved all my check stubs and W-2 forms from the library and brought them with me to New York.

I'm currently not exercising wonderful judgment because, as of now, I've gone... 27 hours without sleep. This is due to having stayed up all night finishing a written assignment for Contracts that we were supposed to do in an hour. Not that I spent all that time doing it. Afternoon classes were cancelled yesterday, and I came home at noon planning to do it right away. So of course, I opened the assignment at around 10:30 PM, started working at midnight, got about a sentence done, then painfully stretched the rest of the assignment out until 6 AM. By that point I was worried that falling asleep was an invitation to sleep past 4, thereby missing both the deadline to turn in the assignment and the closing time for the DMV. So I decided to keep myself awake, print my assignment out at the library at 8, then head downtown.

So after I'd finished failing to get my Non-Driver's ID at the DMV, I decided, because I was sleep deprived and exercising poor judgment, to head over to Rockefeller Center and check out the big Nintendo World store they have there. When I got there they were filming The Today Show. That's where they film The Today Show, I guess. I didn't know what was going on, so I wandered around staring curiously before I figured it out. It's possible I might have ended up gettting seen through that big glass window they have in the background.

So: Nintendo World. Man. I walked in there and got a smile on my face that was transfixed until I left the store. And bear in mind it's not THAT great a store; lots of systems for playing games, lots of dead space, very little merchandise. Heavy emphasis on stylish design and architecture over functionality as a store. But man. There were techno remixes of songs from Nintendo games playing over the speakers, so many DSes with custom faceplates and GBA minis and giant egg-shaped chairs with built-in surround sound speakers and I just loved it. I got to try out two games I had previously had no intention of buying, Donkey Kong: King of Swing for the GBA and Battalion Wars for the Gamecube, and came away quite impressed. Upstairs they had a little mini-museum of Nintendo hardware, including Gameboys signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, a Gameboy that survived a rocket attack in the first Gulf War (And still works!), and an old Nintendo Advanced Versatile Computer (the Japanese precursor to the Famicom/NES). There was merchandise there that I had no idea I deeply needed until I discovered it there. I ended up limiting my purchases to a cheap game I'd been meaning to buy for a while (Animal Crossing for the Gamecube) and an imported Samus Aran action figure (It's Samus in blue body suit, sans power armor, from Metroid: Zero Mission). I felt a weight in my chest as I left the store. I realized that I never wanted to leave. It didn't help that they started a techno version of the Fever music from Doctor Mario just as I headed out the door.

So then I walked home. From 48th street to here is probably 3 1/2 miles. But it was fun! Even though I'm now barely awake enough for coherent thought. Anyhow, classes are cancelled today, due to professors being at a conference in North Dakota, so I'm going to catch up on lost sleep.

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