Dscf1742_3I woke up this morning to find that my shower is dispensing brown water. Behold! Note that that's not some reflective trick; the water's brown straight out of the shower head. I guess I won't be taking a shower today...

In other news of my apartment, October is the coldest month. This is because the weather has gone south, temperature-wise, but the building management refuses to turn on the boilers for the radiators until November. So while November may see colder temperatures, it also sees their relatively easy abatement through radiators. While I am generally fairly cold-resistant, sustained exposure to colds, as when, for instance, sleeping, still chills me to the core. Time to throw on another comforter, I suppose.

Both of the lights in our hall are out, and have been for about a month now. I've been debating whether to call maintenance. On the one hand, this makes me seem truly impotent, putting in a maintenance request to change a lightbulb. On the other hand, those lights are really high! I can't reach them standing on a chair! So really changing them would require buying a ladder, which is a somewhat hefty investment for a lightbulb. For now, I've taken the middle route of cursing the darkness.

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