On Memory

I keep forgetting how old I am. As in, people will ask me how old I am, and I will be unsure and have to count backwards to figure it out. I tend to say 23 more often than not, which is wrong. I'm 22, and will turn 23 in October. How old I am apparently no longer registers as a fact important enough to keep on quick file.

I have a similar problem with remembering people's names. Someone will tell me their name and I will literally have forgotten it before I finish shaking their hand. All of this is not because I have a bad memory; I'm excellent at remembering all sorts of useless trivia and exquisitely boring details about things noone should care about. I'm good with dates, and good with names of dead people, which is why I majored in History. Hence my admonition that if you really want me to remember your name, the only sure way to go about it is to kill yourself. Nobody's taken me up on the offer yet.

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