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Originally Posted 8/24/05:
In the past month, in anticipation of law school, I made a series of purchases, each one individually justified on the theory that it would give me something to do in law school to take my mind off of work. This turns out to have been silly and stupid; I have free time to pursue maybe one interest half-heartedly, but certainly not all of the pursuits I've lined up.

Among other things: I've purchased tomes on New York history, bought a number of Dickens novels I've been meaning to read, bought about a dozen video games I want to play (each one justified as essential because "this'll be the one I play in Law School."), renewed my Netflix subscription at the three-movies-at-a-time rate, purchased drawing material and instructional books in the hopes of gaining some facility at sketching/drawing, in tandem with the aforesaid started laying down plotlines and gags for a theoretical webcomic that I'd like to start drawing (to blow off steam in law school), purchased a banjo and instructional books on the theory that I would learn to play said banjo and this would help me relax outside of class, and now, as you know, I've started a weblog, ostensibly with the purpose of venting about my law school/New York experiences.

So now I've overcommitted myself and am driving myself crazy. There's no time to do anything, let alone everything, and when there is time for something I can't decide, so I end up screwing around on the internet instead of accomplishing productive relaxation. Which is probably why it's good I started the blog; at least now I can chronicle my failure both to do my school work and to relax satisfactorily.

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